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The Tomato Club is a brand new virtual gardening community launching spring 2021 that aims to get more people growing their own tasty tomatoes together. 


Co-founders Joe Harrison and Lisa-Marie Elkhadraoui, grow your own enthusiasts who share a passion for growing all things edible, thought it would be fun to get as many people as possible, joining them in growing tasty toms and so The Tomato Club was born. 

It's a virtual national grow along and all you need to join in, is a few seeds. We would love you to be part of the club, have fun and connect with like-minded people. 



Really Informative and easy to understand especially for me having never grown tomatoes before. 


Love the personal hints and tips. Love the details about the growing types and companion planting. 


Your book is brilliant, I found lots of things I didn't know. Thankyou so much. 

Lottie Marie

Accessible and appeals to beginners, attractive  fabulously informative guide.


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