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I’m Joe and along with my partner Donna, our four children Sonny, Ivy, Fin and Jade we live in a seaside town in the east of England.  Our edible haven is considered to be the most easterly allotment in the whole of the United Kingdom which we acquired back in 2016.  Being a self-taught garden enthusiast, my passion is to grow organic home grown greatness for all the family to enjoy whilst teaching our children, that growing your own green goodies can be lots of fun.

I have so many happy childhood memories growing up, if we weren't  at the beach we would be out in the garden, most of which was a delicious edible haven. My sisters and I would get lost in towering rows of broad beans and peas which my grandad, ‘The Master Gardener’ lovingly tended to from dusk to dawn, 7 days a week. My most fondest memories would be days where I followed him round the garden watching and learning from him. If I didn’t have a spade or trowel in hand I would be helping him pick and shell peas and beans, as well as sneakily eating them as I went along of course! It’s these memories which I look back on which bring so much joy and happiness and hope my children will do the same too of our time down on the plot. 

So please join me and my mini gardening crew  - whether you’re a complete novice, want to actively get your children more involved in the garden or you want to up your gardening game, we have a pleather of handy hints and tips, scattered across my blog to help you become a green fingered gardener in no time.  

Thanks for reading!

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For all the latest fun & frolics on our allotment, follow our daily updates across our social media profiles. 

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