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Oh It’s True!

In case you‘ve missed it, I have co-founded a brand new club called, ‘The Tomato Club’ where we’ll be bringing you lots of tips, advice, giveaways and exclusive discount codes for some fabulous companies, all so we can help you grow the perfect crop of tomatoes this year. Head over to our Instagram page and sign up for your free downloadable guide for more details.

Although we at The Tomato Club won’t be beginning to sow our seeds just yet (no matter how tempted we are!), we know some of you lovely people have resisted the temptation and have already sown a few.

Of course, starting a little earlier is absolutely fine, because growing conditions will differ greatly depending where you’re located. In fact, some of you may find that when we do being to sow our seeds in the club, it may still be a little too early for you so you’ll just have to hang on for a few weeks, which is perfectly normal.

But for those of you who have started your seeds (and those of us who haven’t), we thought it would be a good idea to talk a little about a phrase you may have heard of already; ‘true leaves’.

But, what are true leaves?

When your tiny seeds burst into life and germinate, you may notice your brand new seedling has two leaves. These early leaves are essential for your seedlings in the early stages of its life as they provide photosynthesis (the process of converting light, water, and carbon dioxide into sugar which the plant breaks down to generate energy) as the plant grows.

After around 10 – 14 days after your seeds have germinated, you’ll begin to notice a second set of leaves begin to form, which are your plants’ ‘true leaves’, and it’s these leaves which will be more recognisable because they are miniature versions of what your plants’ leaves will look like when fully grown.

When your seedlings produce its true leaves it’s a good indication your have healthy plants and that you can begin to start thinking about potting on your plants to larger containers.

But, all that information will be coming to you in a post really soon……….

Oh and before I forget; we’ll be going over all the information in our posts lots of times and in more detail in the coming weeks and months so if you’re not quite ready for the stage we’re talking about or perhaps don’t pick things up first time around, don’t worry, we’ll be going over everything lots more so you won’t fall behind.

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