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Back to Nature!

I would like to introduce you lovely people to the newest addition to our allotment - our brand new NatureArk from BioScapes.

As you all know we do everything we can on our allotment to encourage as much biodiversity as possible, assisting wildlife where we can and aiding our dwindling insect population.

Over the last few weeks we have transforming a section of our allotment into a rewilding area, creating a bug and wildlife haven for nature (and us) to enjoy.

So when the amazing team at BioScapes asked if we wanted to try out one of their amazing NatureArk units we absolutely jumped at the chance!

But what is it?

The NatureArk is an all-in-one solution to encouraging wildlife, quickly boosting biodiversity to your allotment, garden, school, community garden or outdoor space. It has been specially designed to support lots of different ecosystems at the same time.

It has a huge planting space in the middle so we can really get creative with our planting, choosing year round colour, foliage and of course lots of pollinator friendly plants too 🐝.

It’s jam packed full of hidey-holes and different areas for all sorts of different inhabitants including:

  • a hedgehog hideaway

  • Amphibian refuge

  • Coal tit box

  • Butterfly roost

  • Solitary bee nesting sites

  • Deadwood zone

(And lots and lots more…….which I will share with you over the coming weeks).

The NatureArk is made of completely untreated timber so no chemicals to worry about and is designed to naturally decompose over time to further enrich its surrounding.

We had so much fun putting it together (Sonny even added our first guests in the NatureArk too 🪱).

We had a few alpine strawberry plants at home which we planted in the sides but our next job is definitely another fun activity - choosing our plants and getting our hands dirty planting them up! 🌱

We are all so excited about this project and we can not wait to share the progress with you over the coming weeks and months! 🥳

If you have any questions or would like to know more then just drop me a comment.

For more information check out

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