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The Planting Begins…….

Well it sure was exciting times at the allotment this weekend because it was time to choose some plants and get them in our brand new BioScapes NatureArk.

So we had a little think about what plants would be best to attract pollinators to our wildlife haven.

We really wanted to have a space which was crammed full of plants that looked stunning, were fragrant, had sensory appeal AND loved by bees……

Then it hit me; herbs tick all those boxes!

The great thing about planting in the NatureArk is that you can cram in lots of different plants which will give you year round colours, flowers and foliage which is perfect for us and any visiting pollinators/insects to enjoy.

The NatureArk is designed to be a haven for nature so it’s supposed to be packed full of different plants and have that ‘rewild’ feel to it, because let’s face it, that’s how nature likes it! This will also help it to blend in more with its surroundings and attract lots more biodiversity.

The other great thing about the huge growing space in the NatureArk is that you can also squeeze in lots of bulbs too, so with a little forward planning you can have little surprises and bursts of colour popping up all year round.

At the weekend to start things off, we planted the following:

- Lavender

- Hyssop

- Tricolor Sage

- 2 different varieties of chives

- Thyme

- Oregano

- Chamomile

- Anemones

- Gladioli

- Aquilegia

- Brodiaea

- Basil

We will definitely be adding to the above and can not wait to see how everything matures and who stops by for a visit!

For more information just drop me a comment below or head over to where their incredible team will give you lots of advice about their fab product range!

What do you think of our choices so far? Let me know.

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